Saturday, April 3, 2010


its hard to put something on the paper.. esp for me.
my mind goes all blank. feel disarrayed. best way to get away for this feeling..stop writing.
thats what i royally do.
and that works for me. as long as it works and as long as i do do what want to do, am fine.!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 kinda strange n the first time in sumthng..took time to fig out what to click to enter a new post..thts hw untouched i kept my blogspace frm me..
despo wanted to write sumthng today..nuthng in specific..but definitely sumthng n here i am using the word 'sumthng' many times..huh! sumthng huh!! there i go again..
aww..god twitter seems so much better..never have to think beyond 140 characters..blogs on the other hand get u thinking & yawning & thinking & typing & thinking & erasing.
Well dont wana write nuthn more..bye 4 now.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well popular demand by the populous society wanted me to pen down my priceless thoughts.
Hence I have driven myself to duty-boundedly deliver a blog defying my lethargy and denying the mistaken identity of a non-blogger.
Oh the mistaken identify!!meticulously marking its way down to the oblivious mob only to unburden the amassed mire.
Wow!!Waah..Waah..What a way to write What I just wrote..Wish,Watch,Water,Wet,Wriggle,Wheat,White.
The above lines suggest that I can still fill the space.
Observe a little more to realise that the words in the sentences(2 sentences in a set) have max. no of words starting with one letter,and the nex sentence has the same but with a letter inverted 270 degrees.
Ok..for ppol like me..heres the logic clearly..

Thank you.Thankyou.

Everyday I promise myself that I would read the newspaper, go to the gym, practise playing guitar, watch a movie, and read a book.

Am so glad I do that daily i mean the promising ..well ones talking about the doing here...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sabbatical for an artical

I took real pain to sit down and write my well though opinion about a book I disliked and there I go forgetting to save my post I would now bare the brunt of my cousins all over again for having a space created on the blogspot but not utilising it.Well I must say they are very conservative about nature and even though this space is trivial in the blogspot web which would obviously occupy no space unless I fil something into my blog,It seemes that I sinned .

So to make it up to all those ppol who believe in saving or utilising whatever things,I dedicate this blog.

Well I deserve to explain myself for the sabbatical (no post since I actually created a blogspace) .
Imagine how hard it would be to write something you are thinking about when your thinking flows at the speed of sound but your typing only at 0.1 km/hr. Alrite I slow down but what did I really want to write? and what am I doing here and Why should I write something and If I am writing this on a public blogspot and I don't care what others think about what I am writing then who am I really writing for? eeaawoooee! .When these thoughts plague your mind incessantly..U can't blame yourself for not writing anything can u. Ha! U ppol out there this is my answer to ur doubts.

And by the way if u happen to read this post, it means u wanted to read it in the first place tht means u care to give a damn abt wht I write. and hence my post is worth the wait.So wait Iuntil I come up with my nex blog.Flying off..ur's Panchi..

Opal got a life.and I give a damn

Recently I happend to read the well known book (for wrong reasons though) How Opal Mehta Got Kissed,Got Wild and Got a Life.
First Impression, a very filmy book where the protagonist is good at everything and even if shez wrong it only turns to her advantage.I felt as though I was reading the writers innermost desires of being someone like the lead in the book at some time in her life. But it was too much of a drag considering that the book was too superficial and the characterisation was totally silly esp the parents of Opal.
I felt the book had many similarities to the Lindsay Lohan starrer Mean Girls,and the book had nothing great to offer but for the incessant thoughts like 'hey this is from that movie..or this is from that book'.
Bottom line..U can skip this book and miss nothing.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

well my blog has nothin special to offer rite away..but bcoz somebody by my side is goin on jibbering non just typin stuff to shut his mouth up...well its not workin for see ya soon

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